Other Organisations

Here is a list of other organisations and key-people we know of that are serving residents and visitors to our home, Wapping. Click on them to see their details or web presence.

(If you want to be added or deleted, please send details, including a phone you answer to info@wappingcommunityforum.com)

Local Ward Councillor Jones
Local Ward Councillor Ullah
Senior Council Department Heads
Wapping Health Centre NHS GPs
Shadwell Basin
Wapping Youth Centre
St. Katharine’s Docks
St. Patricks Church (Catholic)
St. Peter’s Church (high Anglican – Fulham Bishopric)
St. Paul’s Church (evangelical Anglican)
St. George in the East Church (mainstream Anglican)
Wapping Bangladesh Association
Wapping Book Club
Love Wapping, a local news blog
Whats in Wapping, a local twitter feed
Pubs in and around Wapping

Wapping Community Hall– 15 Chandler Street top floor, large modern council owned room for 40+ with kitchen and accessible toilets, for rental enquiries call 020 7364 5000)

Raine House Community Hub – Raine Street, under reconstruction

Wapping Social Club – currently meeting Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons in the community room on the corner of Glamis Road and Cable Street while Raine House is under reconstruction