Focus Areas

This page is in constant development, please send any comments or suggestions to us at Please remember that as a new organisation, we need to focus on activities for which we have resources and volunteers. If you have a passion for a project in Wapping, join us and help make it happen. See the bottom of the front-page of the site for a membership application form.

At the moment the agreed focus areas for our work are:

Wappping Gardens Redevelopment project. WCF wishes to engage with the LBTH Parks Department in their planning for the landscaping and arrangment of Wapping Gardens. We are in the process of developing the contacts in LBTH with whom to do this.

As part of the above focus, we also wish to find out how we can use the building in Wapping Gardens from time to time for community activities. We are in the process of identifying the building manager for this “orphan building” so we can negotiate access arrangements.

WCF is planning a Christmas party at the John Orwell centre from noon on 21 December. All residents of Wapping are cordially invited. It would be really great if you are able to bring a dish for sharing (with the ingredients list please!) There are posters around with more details.

This is YOUR list … let us know what you want added and as resources are available, we will select projects from your suggestions to add. If you can help with any of the above, please get in touch with us via